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Boost your Facebook™ profile

Manage and clean up your friendlist, track engagement, locate and remove inactive profiles.

Interaction Scanner
Top Feature

Interaction Scanner

Scan interaction of friends on personal Facebook™ wall.

  • Track engagement
  • Clean up inactive profiles
  • Export engagement data to CSV
Messages Downloader
Top Feature

Messages Downloader

Count messages, download conversations to your local machine.

  • Download file with HTML format
  • Delete conversations in bulk
  • Count total messages

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We've got you covered

Our browser-extension covers all things Facebook™ users need

Interaction Scanner

Scan interaction of friends on personal Facebook™ wall

Privacy Changer

Change privacy of your posts in bulk on personal Facebook™

Messages Downloader

Count, download messages and delete conversation with ease

Friends Remover

Find and remove friends with ease. Can also find deactivated and locked accounts with Premium

Friend Requests Manage

Manage your incoming and outgoing friend requests

Groups & Pages Scanner

Find which pages you or anyone liked or which groups you or anyone joined

Enhance Facebook™ experience

With exclusive features that are built with love